Thursday, February 14, 2013

Growing up

You know, I was reading back on my previous blog entries (entries from like 2003, which was like *gasp* 10 years ago!!) and I realise... I've really grown old up...

I no longer type in irritating short forms (like "juz", "tok"... etc), long paragraphs that's so hard to read, and also not blogging as if it's a diary to note what I've done for that day, and I can really see that this gradually improved over the years.

But now, I seldom blog, and every year I make resolution to pen (erm... type?) my thoughts out at least once in a while on my blog, and my resolution don't materialise (the same goes for my resolution to slim down every single year).

Shld I set aside a time every week to type in the thoughts for the week maybe?

Ok, so maybe my CNY resolution is to do up a timtable for my resolutions. Hah!

But before that, I guess I need some beauty sleep, busy 2 weeks ahead because the tsunami at work has arrived.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy CNY!

Woah! I really blog only once a year nowadays. Since nobody reads my blog after we started working, I might as well just post all the personal thoughts I've here as frequent as possible!

Anyway here's a really funny pic I received via Whatsapp:

Happy CNY to everyone!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weird year

It has indeed been a weird year for me. New weird ppl in the office, weird things happening to me, and also having a weird boss.

We had a KTV night on Friday, held by the company's sports and social club, and my boss is the chairman of the club, and a colleague from my dept, B, was the organiser of the event, so I was sorta forced to go to the event, even though my usual kakis didn't go, but I made sure some other colleagues from my dept, A & C, was going, wahahhaha.

It was actually quite fun once again, to stay up sober and watch ppl go crazy after drinking.

There was this woman from another dept... Ok, frankly speaking, I don't really like her cos she acts ang moh, plus she has this "must-win" attitude that I can't stand. She got pretty drunk, and got touchy with every guy there...

And then the guys got pretty rowdy and C started choosing songs that made them even more rowdy in a funny way.

But the fun ended for me when my boss shouted over the mic "Eva, I love you!". My expression was really like this -> O_O

A was beside my boss at that very second, and he had the same expression as me too. And C had a even more stunned look and asked, "What did he say?? He on you??" I told him, "No, he say he loves me -_-" C laughed and said "Wahlao, that's like the same lah, you're so dead! You better don't leave your seat!"

I forced B & C to seat beside me, and not to move

The whole night I was trying to avoid having to sit beside my boss, and also to avoid any alcohol given to me. When C left, I left too, since there weren't many people left.

Later on B told us that our boss asked him if he knows where Orchard Towers is, and asked B to bring him there...

And guess what? My boss has a partner, and has a baby daughter who just passed 6 months!! He is truly one ch** ho** angmo...

B told us via Whatsapp that he don't know how to reject boss... I told him to just reject, since boss is drunk and he won't remember any way. Anyway my boss ended up going onto a cab and meet someone apparently.

My boss smsed me at 1am, asking if I've reached home, I replied him saying yes, and that he should go home and take a rest. He actually replied me at 4+am saying good night... I think he used the excuse of having a company event to go cheong (not to mention the last time he went cheong when his partner just gave birth, he lost his belt, and went home with his shirt buttoned wrongly)...

Anyway this is just an entry to complain bout my boss. He has really created a lot of troubles for me because of his biasness towards me. Because of him, I had to, for the past 6 months, make even more efforts to clique with my newbie colleagues, so that they know that my character is not the sort that will por bosses. And I had to really work very hard to prove my capabilities...

I'm now praying hard that nobody remembers what he shouted in the mic sia... there were colleagues from other dept there too...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happening day

Before I go sleep after shopping for cyber Monday.... Just want to note 28th Nov down as a happening day..

Woke up late, but decided to take the MRT anyway, cos I've spent too much money on cab last week...

Got on the train, damn it, no seats. Serangoon interchange, still no seat. Then suddenly, this girl beside me, carrying a Psychology textbook (that looks like 10cm thick) started to curl her upper body.... I was thinking is she falling asleep? Or what? So I tapped her and asked if she's ok. She said with a pale face, "I feel like vomitting..."

OMG!! I fumbled into my bag for a plastic bag, but I don't have any!!!! I looked around for help, and luckily an auntie was looking at me. I tried asking, "Do you have a plastic bag? She wants to vomit!" The auntie took out a NTUC plastic bag and pass it to her while I held the thick book for the girl. Some nice uncle gave up his seat for the sick girl after a few seconds. I'm so glad that there are still nice people around in Singapore! ^^ Anyway, was glad that I made someone's day, cos I could really feel it when she thanked me.

After that, managed to take the girl's seat when she alighted at Marymount. Then somewhere at Buona Vista, this old uncle boarded the train. Wahlao eh, nobody give up their seat?!!! So ended up I just stood up and asked him to sit down. At the same time, this woman playing with her phone, sitting on the priority seat looked up, and I DIAOed her! Wahahaha. I hope she saw it.

This is one of the reasons why I rather I take the priority seat than other people - cos I will give up my seat for the needy (even though I'm not sitting on the priority seat!!), while I know some people who just sit on the priority seat won't.

Anyway forward to work, meeting from 11am to 1pm. Wanted to meet up Merv for some htht lunch session at 1pm. But my meeting extended until 1:20pm. Was going to walk over to MBC to meet him, and my boss came out of his room, "How are you gals gonna settle your lunch?" I told him I'm meeting a friend. "There's not much time, isn't it?"

I was a bit pissed off and I replied him,"What? You mean you want me to be back by 2?"

My boss gave me a weird face,"Yah! There's a meeting at 2??" Damn paiseh!! I totally forgot about the weekly meeting at 2!!!! My boss rolled his eyes before leaving the office to get his lunch.

End up I had to bang seh Merv. I felt bad, so I asked him if he wanna teabreak at 3+. He left his office, but he got stuck in the rain. HAHA. Ok, I felt reeeaaallly bad and I asked him if he wants dinner. But well, all's well. We ended up having a dinner at ABC market. Thanks pal for having the htht session!

On a side note, shucks, I hope the psychology girl don't think it was an auntie that helped her =/

Friday, November 25, 2011

My mobile phones

This may be a bit boring but I was looking through xda developers forum and saw a guy's signature with all the phones that he has used, so I decided to pay a tribute to all the phones that I've used

My 1st phone... Nokia 8250, bought in 2001 Q2, a reward from my uncle cos I had good results for O Levels

2nd phone Nokia 6610, which I bought in 2003 Q1, after my A Levels, and when I was working temp jobs

Then I moved on to my 3rd phone Samsung X430 in 2004 cos 6610 gave me insensitive keypad (I sent for repair like twice within the 1 year warranty!!!)

My 4th phone was also a Samsung phone bought in Jul 2005. This phone is still working now, my mum was still using it when she was still around. I didn't trade it in cos it was a 21st bday present from a lot of frens!

5th phone was a weird one, my 1st try on a smartphone - an O2 Graphite. I remember I dropped it and there was a crack on the screen, and I had a very bad experience with the service centre. Bought this in 2007 Q3

Because I was so pissed off with O2, I decided to buy my 6th phone during 2008 Q2. Went back to a Nokia phone, my 1st and only slider phone. I think this is seriously just a "rebound phone" for me, cos I nearly forgot that I owned it before!!!! Lol. Not much comment on this phone other than it being heavy...

Then I decided to try out a QWERTY phone, and bought Nokia E63 as my 7th phone in 2009 Q2.

My E63 didn't last me long either because when everyone was going crazy over iphone 3gs, I went gaga over the Samsung Galaxy S. After contemplating for like 1 month, I decided to get it as my 8th phone in Jun 2010:

Although I loved my Galaxy S, the newer & better cousin came along and the rest was history. In Jul 2011, I bought my 9th phone:

I thought I'm someone who doesn't change phone that frequently, but come to think of it, from 2000 to 2011, I've used 9 phones.... which means on average, I change a phone every 1y3m!

I have to say up till now, the phone I love the most (making fair comparisons by just comparing my satisfaction of the phone during the time I own it)... I've to say Nokia 8250 and Samsung E720C are in for a tie. Shocking, but can be seen by the fact that I owned these 2 phones for the longest!

Anyway end of my bo liao post, going to sleep.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I really seldom blog now

Shucks. I've really became so lazy nowadays. But then again, when there's Facebook and Twitter, I think most people seldom blog now, lol.

Recently a lot of stuffs happened in the office this year after the merger...

Change of company's name
New boss...
Colleagues left...
which led to my promotion...
Move of office to temporary one...
Back to a permanent office twice the size of what we used to be...
New peeps in the office...
which includes older colleagues who are sorta under me...
and funny colleagues whom make my days at work happier...

So on and so forth. I think this is like the most happening year after I graduated... so much for the dramas.

Am going to sleep now but there's something in the back of my mind that's nagging me. Argh. 我不能越陷越深

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Promotion woes

4 years after slogging my head off, I've finally gotten a long-awaited promotion beginning of this month.

Feeling physically and mentally tired of everything, but I guess I've got no choice but to carry on, since I'm the last woman standing, with actually 4 colleagues who left.

Following that, I was promoted, and I'm ignoring this question for the moment - was this based on my capabilities, or was it based on the fact that I'm the only person now who knows the software we're using?

Let's just take it that it was based on my capabilities and it was the right time that my new boss promoted me.

After the promotion, and with so many colleagues leaving, of cos it's having colleagues changing of roles, and new colleagues coming in.

Now I'm really in a dilemma, having a close colleague, who has no prior experience, doing my previous position. All I can say that she is really lucky - she was looking for an opportunity, and her "teacher" here is her close friend. I have tried to be patient these few weeks, because I knew that she had no prior experience.

But today it was the last straw. She kept asking me the same questions. Repeatedly. And when I said repeatedly, I meant SEVERAL times! And worst was I kept seeing her poking her phone, Whatsapping, or typing away on the PC, chatting with other colleagues in the company's messaging tool. I admit that I was a bit fierce, no excuse for myself, and I feel kinda bad.

So now I'm preparing to speak to her tomorrow, and what to say. I hope she won't be giving herself excuses because that's the last thing I want to hear from her.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, February 04, 2011

Stalking the stalkers

The no. of stalkers on my blog has increased tremendously....

There can only be 3 reasons:
  1. Stalker shared my url on some forums
  2. Some other Gmarket fans came into my blog cos my blog entry was 1 of the top Gmarket bloggers of the month
  3. Kpo ppl who searched for prof
I hope the reason is number 2 though... cos number 1 sounds scary.... and number 3 just sounds too sad...

So how do I know that they're stalkers and not passer-bys? As I've mentioned previously, I'm stalking the the stalkers using a counter... I can see every unique users who comes into my blog, which url they are linked from, which url they exit to, how long they stayed in my blog, what OS they're using, what browser they're using etc etc... There's a particular stalker who searched for my cousin and nephew AGAIN. Sigh... when will these people stop dragging innocent people in....

Anyway there's this iphone stalker who kept going through all my past entries for the past few days, with no definite things that he/she is looking for.... With so many friends using iphone, I wonder who that is...