Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogging with Blogger android app

My 1st blog entry using the Blogger app! I shall include my Androidify pic here. Lol


GoDSLaYeR said...

I am really amazed to actually find a female Android supporter.

Really chances upon your blog by luck. I, too own a Galaxy S but is never a fan of that Appledom and their drones.


Eva Lim said...

Hi! Nice to meet another Galaxy S user via my blog! =D

Being a common superficial female, I actually fell in love with Galaxy S cos of its Super AMOLED screen, lol.

Being quite a female geek, I started learning how to root my phone and flash custom roms etc =P

GoDSLaYeR said...

I too, got the Galaxy S coz of the screen. Sad to say, once I go AMOLED, I can never go back to LCD (psst...even if their handphones are not using crappy RFS)

It is really amazing to find a female geek (sorry, I just had to reiterate this)

Btw, how is ur hp setup? I am using DOC's rom with Speedmod K13C kernel with ext2. Ext2 really gives a much better feel than ext4 (even though its not as "safe" since no journaling)

Oh ya, I buy all my apps in Market. HOORAY FOR ANDROID!


Eva Lim said...

Yes... RFS is really crappy. Not sure about what my next phone will be though, was thinking of HTC, but I guess I'll just settle for a popular android phone so that I can tap on custom roms, wahahaha!

I was trying out the leaked gingerbread, but I guess I'm too used to my lag-free phone, so I just flashed it back to Darky's, on voodoo kernel though

Haven't tried DOC's rom before. How is it comparing to Darky's?

GoDSLaYeR said...

I kinda like HTC too, with its immense modding support from community. However, the new lineup from HTC abit lacking in spice. Nothing really to shout home, even for their tablets. For me, it just can't tear me away from AMOLED. Hehe.

I had never used Darky's rom b4, not with all the bad press about his haughtiness. Talented modder is one thing, but I cannot support one who is arrogant. His mod also nothing much. He just stripe down on stuff he finds useless then add in those he find worthy. It's not like Supercurio kinda of stuff where innovation is present. To me, its just a collection of mix mash.

Doc's rom differs in that you can cook it yourself. You are the one who decide, what kernel, radio, csc, apks are included. Everyone has different taste and the kitchen provides it.

You can cook one at :)