Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Promotion woes

4 years after slogging my head off, I've finally gotten a long-awaited promotion beginning of this month.

Feeling physically and mentally tired of everything, but I guess I've got no choice but to carry on, since I'm the last woman standing, with actually 4 colleagues who left.

Following that, I was promoted, and I'm ignoring this question for the moment - was this based on my capabilities, or was it based on the fact that I'm the only person now who knows the software we're using?

Let's just take it that it was based on my capabilities and it was the right time that my new boss promoted me.

After the promotion, and with so many colleagues leaving, of cos it's having colleagues changing of roles, and new colleagues coming in.

Now I'm really in a dilemma, having a close colleague, who has no prior experience, doing my previous position. All I can say that she is really lucky - she was looking for an opportunity, and her "teacher" here is her close friend. I have tried to be patient these few weeks, because I knew that she had no prior experience.

But today it was the last straw. She kept asking me the same questions. Repeatedly. And when I said repeatedly, I meant SEVERAL times! And worst was I kept seeing her poking her phone, Whatsapping, or typing away on the PC, chatting with other colleagues in the company's messaging tool. I admit that I was a bit fierce, no excuse for myself, and I feel kinda bad.

So now I'm preparing to speak to her tomorrow, and what to say. I hope she won't be giving herself excuses because that's the last thing I want to hear from her.


chillycraps said...

hey at least u have higher rank (if I understand it correctly) or at least your close colleague regards you as senior, that seems easier to tell her off if need be.

Now I am having problematic colleague who needs to be told off, but he's like only joined the company one week later than me...

Eva Lim said...

wah ok, my situation is easier. luckily it ended pretty ok. so you how now? need to tell him off?